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For high performers ready to take their next leap forward in business, self identity, relationships, home life, creative pursuits, and much more. If you are at a crossroads, closing a chapter to open a new one, or waiting for a sign to make a change, this is it. Unleash your best self, realize your biggest dreams, and step into your most aligned life.

Experience psycho-spiritual guidance, energy healing, and advisory support structured within a behavioral science-backed framework and a robust toolkit of positive psychology, reiki, natal astrology, and much more to intuitively empower you on your journey.

Released her first single. Released her first album. Recorded a live album.


We used Expanded Vision to get in touch with the energy of her dream, Belief Reframing to open her mind and heart to the possibility of success, and Inner Guidance Elevation to empower her to chooses to draw power internally versus externally.


Aspiring singer/artist always had the dream of making music but didn’t believe she was good enough. She had built a following as an influencer but wanted to make the leap to following her dream.


1:1 Case Study

Breakthrough of an Aspiring Artist

Manifested a career leap into tech sales leadership with the exact $300k+ compensation she was seeking, with massive space for growth and expansion, and a clear path toward achieving her 5-year goals.


In a 5-month transformative container, she was connected to her source of inspiration to define her 5 year vision. Through Self Worth Elevation we explored her inherent strengths and gifts. We turned up the volume on her inner guidance and healed past traumas that were holding her back, then used Best Self Embodiment to take up space confidently.


High performing female account executive in health tech seeking more stimulation, wealth and prestige in her career. Lack of confidence made her question her potential. She was unsure how to move forward and manifest her next level professionally


1:1 Case Study

Career Leap for Sales Professional

Embodied her best self, she reported “feeling the best she had felt in years.” Clarity for major career leap. Reengaged romantically with her partner and with friends and community for a full and thriving life. 


In a 3-month transformative container, we used Self Mastery to reconnect this leader to her innate power, strengths, and purpose, allowing her to get clear on her ideal next career move. Energetically, we regulated her nervous system for balance of body and mind. In Life Design we defined structures and routines that cultivate balance across all areas of her life- professional, romantic, family, personal, health, friends and community. 


A highly successful lawyer and political activist entered motherhood and was struggling to navigate her new life and reentry into the workplace. As a purpose-driven leader, it was important for her to continue her work outside the home, but she was burning out. Changes in her partnership, friendships and community were adding to her feeling isolated, lost and stuck.


1:1 Case Study

Change Maker Finds Herself after Becoming a Mother

Successfully consciously decoupled from the unhealthy relationship. Embarked on her chapter single, confident, empowered and more unapologetically herself than ever. Later that year manifested a healthy, loving relationship with her dream man.


In a 3-month transformative container, we rooted the client in her full authentic self and empowered her to trust her gut. By activating her intuition, the client reached a crystal clear decision to end the relationship. We next healed past trauma that was at the root of the imbalanced relationship, reprogrammed her mindset about herself and what she deserves, and implemented loving boundaries to support her.


A high achieving female executive at a top 5 tech company was seeking guidance in her romantic life. She was in a long term relationship that wasn’t serving her and it was beginning to negatively affect her personal and professional life.


1:1 Case Study

Navigating Breakups and Healing Relationship Patterns

Ways to Work


Transformative containers typically start with 3 to 6-month engagements including sessions offered.


Client Home (LA-area)

Topanga Canyon Oasis Studio



Set Your Destination

Together, we’ll define your unique goals and obstacles using principles of behavior change and intuitive insight. Surface level doesn’t cut it here ~ go deep to the root and uncover your biggest dreams and greatest potential with support from someone who sees the best in you.

Orientation of Self 

Through spiritual and psychological assessments (from personality tests to natal charts), we’ll begin to understand the dynamics of your inner self ~ allowing you to be fully seen. Gain perspective on where you’re starting and where you’re headed, receive permission slips for elements of your nature, and learn to embrace your strengths. Using Reiki and energy healing, spark self acceptance and self love to set the foundation for self worth elevation and transformative growth.

Soften External Noise, Amplify Inner Voice

Turn up the volume on your inner guidance system. Informed by psychospiritual and esoteric teachings, you’ll learn to work with the subconscious, tapping into the language of your intuition and strengthening trust in self for confident decision-making and smooth navigation along your highest life path. Practice and master living in alignment with self and in flow with the universe.

Embody the Confident Leader

Achieve your greatest ambitions. Receive personalized guidance, support and motivation to integrate shifts from sessions into your life and work, as informed by behavioral science and intuitive coaching. Learn and master simple tools drawing from Reiki, mindfulness, and other energetic healing modalities to rebalance the nervous system and reset the energy centers for resilient health and vitality of body and mind.


Clients Moving

“I wish everybody had
a coach like you.”

“I had the honor of working with Grace, and let me tell you, I have never experienced a feeling like this.”

“My sessions with her [Grace] were, and continue to be, a key component in my transformational healing journey. ”

- Crystal C., VP Waiakea

- Elle Danjean, Performing Artist

- Layla R.


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