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For couples, teams, and groups who are seeking a reset and to level up as a whole with a tailor-made session. Collaborate on a purposeful, fully customized gathering or special event such as ceremonies, retreats, and festivals. Guided by shared intention, we cultivate the desired vibe and design unforgettable, transformative experiences.

Couple embodied new roles within the relationship and made it through the rough patch stronger. Their joint venture creative project was a hit. 


Through Life Vision mapping we oriented to each partner’s ideal end goal. Using Authentic-voice techniques we reached alignment on a shared vision and identified obstacles holding them back. Then through Masculine/Feminine Polarity, Soul Agreements, and Roadmap exercises, we define an action plan to ensure each partner’s needs are met. 


A couple has embarked on the next stage of their relationship, moving in together. Both partners are high profile creatives who work together on projects and cohabitation adds tensions and shifts relationship dynamics, exposing triggers in new ways. The couple is questioning their decision and compatibility but wants to make it work.

Couples Case Study

Breakthrough of a relationship.


Mama was showered with love, overcome by emotion, beaming with joy and gratitude. The Baby Blessing is exactly what she needed to honor this baby journey. She continues on to a healthy and smooth birth and welcoming her baby boy with the support of her tribe.


We led an intimate Baby Blessing Ceremony at the Topanga Canyon Oasis as part of a surprise gathering. Mama’s closest friends offered intentions, wishes, songs and prayers in sacred circle facilitated by our Reiki Masters.


Pregnant mama is having her second child and wants to do something to honor this baby. She has all the baby gear and doesn’t need a traditional baby shower. Her dear friends want to celebrate her and baby. 

Group Case Study

Celebration of a mama-to-be.




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Ways to Work


Setting Our Intention

We begin with intention. What is the goal? What are the areas for growth that we want to water? How do we want the group to feel when they walk away from the session? Every activation, ceremony or workshop is designed purpose-first. Drawing from a decade of facilitation experience, sessions are tailored to meet you where you are, and then invite you to go deeper.

Guided by Science

Everything we teach can be put in the context of science, psychology or ancient wisdom. We leverage science and evidence to introduce concepts in a grounded and accessible way. This appeases the logical/reasoning mind and paves the way to allow for the intuitive/creative mind to awaken. 

Healing through Experience 

Participants are guided through exercises and experiences designed to evoke a deeper sense of awareness within and to awaken the desired feeling states (whether those be inspiration, expression, connection, empowerment, creativity, focus, or others). All experiences start with heart-centered presence and foster authenticity, infused with high vibrational energy that catalyzes growth and healing within the individual and their relationships.

Continued Practice

Transformation is initiated within our experiences, but continues outside of session through integration of concepts into life. Group experiences lead attendees to contemplate the real-world application of the concepts and encourage and empower you to draw the energy of the session into your life.




Clients Moving

“My team LOVED the seminar
with Grace.”

“Had the pleasure of participating in Grace’s workshop and it was total bliss.”

"Grace and her team live up to the name."

- Dermalogica Team

- Sophia L., Creative Entrepreneur

- Natasha B., Entrepreneur /
Founder of Go Hybrid Education and
Lull Health and Wellness


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