Geoli N.

VP Waiakea


VP Waiakea

“I wish everybody had a coach like you.”

“Thank you so much, Grace. I always feel like a little weight off my shoulders after I talk to you. Thank you.”

Crystal C.

“I can really shift my connections and relationships with people just by thinking a bit differently or trying to extend energy in a different way... being intentional with how I want to show up."

"It’s wild. I’m really creating my own reality.”


Female CEO Client

Abby S.

"Love you grace! I have been crying all afternoon!... but in a good way ❤️ THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!I love you! It's an honor to learn from YOU. To say I'm grateful is an understatement !!!!!!"

"Just a message to say thank you for today 🙏😭 I didn't realize how much I needed that. I felt so good the rest of the day. Thank you 🙏🙏"

Female Entrepreneur / Marketing Agency Founder

Tylah S.

Female Entrepreneur


"Most amazing session today with Grace! People who help YOU see your power in your own healing are so important. Very grateful to know you. You are a force of light & love. Grateful to know you Grace!"

"Learning from Grace has given more depth and meaning to my spiritual growth journey and has opened doors I didn't know existed. I highly recommend jumping in to work with Grace in whatever way she is offering. Energy healing will change your life."

“I've really enjoyed your sessions, and it's made me more aware. It was always important to remember the qualities of what your positive qualities are, and what your negative qualities are. But I think because of our meetings. I've learned to embrace it. Look at the 5 of my weaknesses on the bottom of the list and look at the 5 strengths, and I've practiced it all month. It's been amazing, for instance, like practicing love and compassion, can enhance my ability to be fair and empathetic as a leader, and then embracing gratitude, can feel my hope and optimism, and leaving more to more effective leadership and integrating these strengths into my daily life and interactions, will help me to become just a better source of resilience and personal development.”

Gina B.

Founder, Philosophie 

Sophie J.

Layla R.

“I met Grace at the exact time I needed to meet her on my healing journey about two years ago. After each session I walked away with so much inner peace and ease with whatever was going on in my personal life and/or the world around me. My sessions with her were, and continue to be, a key component in my transformational healing journey. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Grace and her practice!"

“This feels like a love drug.”

Founder, Flying Saucer

Faeth O.

“Even a Ferrari needs to come in off of the track for maintenance and a tune up so that they can continue to operate at their highest level. My session with Grace was just that energetically for me. I had been stuck in my head and not listening to my heart which was having effects on my creativity and output. For a few weeks I knew that something wasn’t firing in sync with what I am accustomed to. In just one session I had moved through the energetic blocks, shifted my perspective and had immediate changes in my lived reality. We had moved from head to the loving heart center with immediate relief and ease. If you are used to operating at a high level, have been feeling that something is off and are not sure why, you need to book your session with Grace.”

“Grace brought me the breath of fresh air and ease I needed after feeling like I was doing everything that I should be doing, and still waiting for results to show. After my very first session with Grace, I’ve experienced a consistently heightened sense of self awareness, intuition, satisfaction and overall confidence about my life and my approach. Grace gave me the comforting guidance and assurance that I needed to stop overthinking, and start flowing from my willing, loving heart space. My outlook and vision for myself - and for the world - has exponentially expanded since my energy attunement with Grace. I recommend her to anyone who is on their growth path and ready for their next stage. If two words could sum it up, they’d be “pure love”!”

Founder, Prolific Art Studio and ATQ Productions

Jazz O.

Performing Artist

Elle D.

Amanda P.

"I had very little knowledge of energy work and did not remotely imagine energy healing could ever help me overcome past traumas. My session with Grace was emotional and ultimately life-changing. This energy healing session was the most direct and effective "medicine" I have ever taken to truly heal my mind, heart, and soul. The session moved energy within me that had been holding me back from reaching my potential for a long time. For months after the session, I continued to feel lighter, less burdened and inspired by the life around me. There is a stark contrast in my life before the energy healing and after and I would 100% recommend this energy work with Grace for anyone who would like to become a better version of themselves."

“I had the honor of working with Grace, and let me tell you, I have never experienced a feeling like this. My anxiety left my body and everything felt so clear. If you're in the area and looking for a way to heal and become the best version of you then please send her a message. She is so incredible. Her new offering 1-1 Transformational Energy Healing & Coaching is all about attuning you to your highest self. Can’t wait to continue with her on my journey!”

VIP in Music Industry

Gina B.

“I think that the work that you're doing is so amazing. It's really been so transformative for me. I do a lot of healing and self development and I don't think anything else has been as healing and productive and just really creating that mind body connection. No other forms of healing do that and you are so good at what you do. Now you're posting everything and it resonates and is so impactful and meaningful. Working with you, it's just been so great. And I'm really happy and excited for other people to experience it.”

I knew that I had to do something to change my life but I didn’t know where to start. Working with Grace in this capacity transformed me in such a short amount of time. I feel energized and vibrant as I look to what the future holds and what I am capable of as a human being. This program kickstarted my journey to being fulfilled and honestly, to really loving and appreciating myself. I am really grateful to have worked with Grace. Not only is she so warm to work with, but she is disarmingly smart and a well of knowledge. She can provide you with the science behind the tools she uses to support you and she is genuinely invested in your wellbeing throughout the entire program. Confronting your inner voice and your insecurities can be really daunting but Grace was an amazing support system and I can honestly say that I feel more myself and more alive after completing the program. 

Reyna P.

"I came to Grace because I was struggling with a profound shift in my life. She recommended the Blueprint session and I'm so glad that she did. Thoughtfully guiding me through the unique experience, she affirmed my emotions through interpreting my natal chart. I left with a deeper sense of self-awareness and clarity on the reasons behind my transformation. She was so supportive and kind, and made sure I left with the tools to navigate this transition with confidence. Highly recommend this session! "

Ali L.

Revolve Team

“The seminar was awesome!! It was great to meet Grace, she was lovely. Looking forward to having her again soon!”

VP Waiakea

Geoli N.

“I know I say it every time, but I really mean it. It really helps, Grace, to get grounded and focused. Our sessions help me a lot.”

COO Waiakea

Kyle L.

“To have intentions that you’re trying to better yourself within your job when nobody else knows about it is one thing. When you have it from the top leadership down supporting this and supporting you holding yourself accountable, it’s a game changer.”

Talkspace Team

Forward with Grace enables deeper connections for my leadership team through workshops and 1-1 coaching that build trust and confidence.”

“The seminar with Grace was AMAZING!! We will definitely want to see her again in Q2 :)”

CEO / Founder, Ethan's

Ethan H.


Crystal C.

“Wāiakea has seen massive improvements in team morale and communication since working with Forward with Grace. We have used their services for the last two years, both in weekly company-wide wellness sessions and quarterly Leadership off-sites. Since a majority of our team works remotely, our virtual Monday morning mindfulness sessions jump-start our week by focusing on reducing anxiety, improving focus, and resetting our mindset. While quarterly, our team participates in a more extensive in-person session where we are able to focus on building core connections and trust, while being vulnerable with one another in a safe space. I would highly recommend Forward with Grace for all your corporate needs. You will see immense growth within your teams in just a few sessions!”

“Founders, entrepreneurs and business owners all have those times - whether days, weeks, months, or even years - when it’s hard to remember why we did this in the first place. In my experience, one of the hardest things to do is create the time, space, and effort to work on the big picture. The day to day is all-consuming, but we do ourselves and our teams a major disservice if we don’t take the time to focus on or change our greater goals. 

Grace helped me to refocus on those goals for my business and how I want it to fit into my life. She drew out major shifts that had changed since I was last able to pick my head up. This helped me break stagnation and frame both near-term and long-term aspirations for my team structure as well as business and life goals. We should all be constantly seeking improvement, and I strongly recommend Grace for any executive doing so.”

"Finding my peaceful place of balance through mindfulness practices is a priority for me to stay grounded and focused on what’s important, to keep motivated but not stressed, productive but not burnt-out, and aware of my surroundings as well as keeping me in-check physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually. This isn’t always easy to do in today’s world, but one of the things I love about Waiākea is that it is a weekly priority to promote this healthy practice.  

We are blessed to have Grace and her team with us each week to give us tips and tricks during our Wellness Coaching sessions. These practices have helped me with self-regulation like keeping calm to reduce anxiety during stressful situations, which contributes to keeping focused and on task with a positive mindset. I found that this also leads to greater productivity regarding the best use of my time for impactful results. I look forward to these coaching sessions that are wonderful weekly reminders to take care of “me” while giving me the tools to do so. I am most grateful for the opportunity of learning something new each Monday to add to my toolbox. What a wonderful way to prepare me for the week ahead while encouraging healthy practices for a healthier and happier “me”. "

CEO / Founder, Waiakea

Ryan E.

“A moment in my hectic week to deeply relax under the energy flow through Grace is the best investment I made for myself. The sessions seem to appease my nervous system greatly, making me more resilient to stress. I would describe the experience as a massage for the soul that radiates through the whole body.”

Sofya M.

Director at Waiakea 

Geoli N.

Ivy E.

"Thank you so much for making such a wonderful space for our training. I'm so excited for this next chapter. It's been so incredible applying the learnings already. Excited that I to share this with you!!"

Knoll Team

“My team LOVED the seminar with Grace. Lots of lovely feedback both in the Zoom chat and in private messages to me afterwards.”

Dermalogica Team

"Just wanted to give a rave review for Grace. We had record breaking attendance and I received many private chats (first time ever!) on how excellent she was. Fyi to my fellow colleagues in different Regions - highly recommend Grace!"

Female Founder / CEO


Entrepreneur / Founder of Go Hybrid Education
and Lull Health and Wellness

Natasha B.

"Grace & her team live up to the name. They have very soothing & welcoming energy to offer all of their attendees. Her space of practice is a sliver of serenity; which is not easy to find in LA. Whether you've experienced energy healing before or trying it for the first time, Grace & her team create a space to meet you where you're at in the process.” 

“It is near impossible to leave an energy activation with Grace and her team in Topanga without something. The community, practice & space come together beautifully. This past event, I gave this experience to my sister and I. We left with much to dive deeper into and closer of course. I am excited to return and share with friends."


“I love how Grace has made the 5 Day Energy Refresh approachable and easy to do. Her voice and guidance is so soothing and gentle. By day 5 I was feeling at peace with myself and the world around me.”

“Had the pleasure of participating in Grace’s workshop and it was total bliss. Grace is a natural healer and having her guide me through this journey felt so special.”

Creative Entrepreneur

Sophia L.

“Grace is a light force spirit who has dedicated her life to helping others to feel seen and loved for who they truly are. She has certainly done this for me, and countless others. Anyone who gets the chance to work with Grace is beyond blessed. I hope everyone gives themself that gift because it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My experience with Grace has made a forever impact on my life in the most profound ways. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

"Grace and her team hosted such an amazing energy activation! Going in I was a bit intimidated and didn't know what to expect. However, upon arriving, I immediately felt warm, loving, accepting energy all around, and had the most wonderful time! It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon, and kick off a new week feeling grounded, connected, present and refreshed! Looking forward to many more :)"


Abby S.

CEO / Founder, Bleached Tie Dye


“My intuition is stronger than it’s ever been. Since training, I have more trust in myself which is truly an invaluable tool that I am eternally grateful for. I felt that this training was exactly what I had been searching for my entire life, it brought me closer to myself and left me with realizations I will carry with me forever. Reiki in general has been the most healing practice for me and now that I am able to do it on myself, in addition to my sessions with Grace every month — it has been life-changing! The most valuable part of the training was that Grace helped me understand that there is no right or wrong when it comes to Reiki. It is about inner trust and realizing that your healing power has been within you all along!



“I have been a member of spirit forward healing for about a year and my sessions with Grace have helped me so much. I wanted to take the next step in my spiritual journey by signing up for Reiki level 1 because I felt ready. Also, I struggle with gut health issues and mental illness: anxiety and depression. I was hoping getting my Reiki Level 1 would help me heal.”

“Reiki I/II training with Grace was informative, supportive, and left me excited to continue practicing and learning more about energy healing. There was so much that I didn't know that I didn't know. After the training, I feel a combination of humbled, supported, and powerful, all in one. My senses are heightened, my heart is open, and I am grateful.”

Abby S.


“Reiki Level 1 training with Grace was nothing short of amazing. It’s a perfect blend of spiritual and science, and provides a meaningful background on the origins of Reiki. Grace doesn’t take a one size fits all approach, instead tailoring the training to each individual based on their interpretations, feelings and intuition. An incredible experience for those on the path to self-healing and self-discovery.”

“My Reiki Level 1 training was the most beautiful blessing. I don’t say this lightly, this training gave me the tools to trust my inner knowing and heal in tremendous ways that i didn’t even know was possible for myself before. I will always be grateful for it. 

Grace is a light force spirit who has dedicated her life to helping others to feel seen and loved for who they truly are. She has certainly done this for me, and countless others. Anyone who gets the chance to work with Grace is beyond blessed. I hope everyone gives themself that gift because it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My experience with Grace has made a forever impact on my life in the most profound ways. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

CEO / Founder, Bleached Tie Dye

Melinda C.


David P.

“Grace has the healing hands of a goddess.Every visit is special and unique, always leaving with a calmness and groundedness in my body.Grace is magic, pure and simple. I look forward to my monthly sessions with Grace because she harnesses the energy of the universe and through her healing hands, funnels it into my soul. Just being in the room with Grace is healing, but then she turns on her super powers of Reiki! Get ready for the ride of your life. Thanks Grace for all you do for me, you help me connect deeper to my spirit with our session. Seeing Grace monthly for nearly 3 years has just boosted me as a human. I love our time together. She is powerful, kind and gentle all at the same time. Grace’s Reiki is simply incredible… warm, kind, gentle and deeply moving. I just love our sessions.”

"Training with Grace was informative, supportive, and left me excited to continue practicing and learning more about energy healing. There was so much that I didn't know that I didn't know. After the training, I feel a combination of humbled, supported, and powerful, all in one. My senses are heightened, my heart is open, and I am grateful."

Spiritual Entrepreneur


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