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For executive team members and entire workforces at purpose-driven companies who are ready to uplevel every aspect of their business. From 1:1 leadership development to corporate wellness sessions for the whole company, simultaneously boost team morale, trust, and communication while creating positive change that can be felt community-wide.


Leadership satisfaction with quarterly meetings soared. Overall team camaraderie improved and job satisfaction scores vastly improved on employee surveys. Company smashed forecasts in the first year of the program and has continued exceeding goals with double digit growth.


Consulted with leadership to understand team pain points and opportunities for growth. Designed full-service program tailored to foster their unique culture including leadership off-site retreats with group activations, leadership development, and team building workshops, 1-1 transformative executive coaching, weekly virtual mini-wellness sessions, and on-site seminars.


Purpose-driven beverage company values social, ethical, and sustainable impact. In a fast-paced, fast-growth environment, teams are overloaded. CEO wants to do more to support their people to perform and meet forecasts.


Empowering teams to thrive.

Purpose-Driven Company Case Study

His relationship is stronger than ever, he’s spending quality time with his family, as well as continuing to lead his company with a new found sense of masculine power.

We worked on Self Discovery to identify his core values beyond his title, and Legacy Design to plan his journey to become the new, more fulfilled and balance version of himself in his new role as a father, husband, and CEO.



CEO becomes a father and feels like the stress and pressure is suffocating with this new life shift. He can’t juggle it all, so he’s afraid he’s going to drop the ball and has to choose between his family and business.


Breakthrough of a CEO and Father.

Leadership Case Study

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Start with Purpose

It always starts with intention. What is the goal? What are the areas for growth that we want to water? How do we want the group to feel when they walk away from the session? Every workshop, seminar, or activation is designed purpose-first. Drawing from a decade of facilitation experience, programming is tailored to meet your group where they are, and then invite them to level up.

Everything we teach can be put in the context of science, psychology or ancient wisdom. We leverage science and evidence to introduce concepts in a grounded and accessible way. This appeases the logical/reasoning mind and paves the way to allow for the intuitive/creative mind to awaken. 

Participants are guided through hands-on exercises and experiences designed to evoke a deeper sense of awareness within and to awaken the desired feeling states ~ whether those be inspiration, expression, connection, empowerment, creativity, focus, or others. All experiences start with heart-centered presence and foster authenticity, infused with high vibrational energy that catalyzes growth and healing within the individual and across interpersonal team dynamics. 

Transformation is initiated within session, but continues outside of session through integration of concepts in day to day work and life. Our programming leads attendees to contemplate take-aways and real-world application of concepts, encouraging and empowering your team to draw the energy of the session into their life.

“It was great to meet Grace, she was lovely. Looking forward to having her again soon!”

“We are blessed to have Grace and her team with us each week...”

- Talkspace Team

- Revolve Team

- Geoli N., Director at Waiakea


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“The seminar with Grace was AMAZING!!


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